Exercise: Upload to Canvas - 01

In this exercise you will demonstrate that you can:

  1. First:
    1. Windows users: open Notepad
    2. Mac users: open TextEdit - and be sure to make these preference settings.
  2. Enter the following in the blank file that opens, replacing "yourlastname" with your last name"
    • <h1>Yourlastname - Exercise: Upload to Canvas - 01</h1>
      • For example, I would enter: <h1>Vaughan - Exercise: Upload to Canvas - 01</h1>
  3. File menu > Save
  4. Create a folder as you begin the process of saving the file:
    1. Name the folder: yourlastname-exercise-upload-to-canvas-01
      1. Use your last name
      2. Use lower case letters
      3. Example, I would name my folder: vaughan-exercise-upload-to-canvas-01
  5. Save the file within that folder naming the file yourlastname-exercise-upload-to-canvas-01.html
    1. Use your last name
    2. Be sure to have .html at the end of the file name. Permit the name if asked.
    3. Use lower case letters
    4. Example: if I were to submit the exercise I would name my file vaughan-exercise-upload-to-canvas-01.html
  6. You may want to look at the file in your browser before you send it:
    1. Open your browser.
    2. Press Ctrl/⌘-O (that is the letter O as in Open, not a zero).
  7. Compress (zip) the folder. (Note that .rar files are also acceptable.)
    1. To zip a folder, find the folder on your computer using Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.
    2. Right click on the folder, then select from the menu that appears: 
      • Windows: Send to... > Compressed (zipped) folder
      • Mac: Compress [folder name]
    3. The zip file ought to have the same name as the folder.
  8. At the bottom of the assignment page you will see this section:

  9. Click on Choose File and select the zip file you created.
  10. Add any comments you may have about the assignment.
  11. Click the Submit Assignment button.
  12. Note that you can re-upload a file if you've made a mistake, unless I have already graded it.