Dreamweaver - Design View vs. Live View

Live View - things that cannot be done using it

  1. Tables:
  2. Behaviors:
  3. Templates:
  4. Add hot spots (areas of an image that can be clicked on).
  5. Spell check
  6. Right click in an element and select Remove tag (this removes a tag but not the element's content).
    • Reminder: an element is an opening tag, its closing tag, and everything between the two, including other elements nested inside the element you want to remove.
    • In Design view you can accomplish this by either right-clicking on the element in the Design view area or by right-clicking on the tag in the tag selector area of the status bar.
    • Note that this is supposed to work in Code view (per Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book, page 168) which uses version 2015.1. However, it did not work for me (Oct. 23, 2016, and also Jan. 26, 2019, using Dreamweaver CC v.19.0).
  7. Select anything in the element, right click on the selection, and then choose Wrap tag from the contextual menu which will allow you to nest the selected element inside a new element that you specify in the menu provided.
    • It is important for me to stress:
      • Merely having your cursor inside the element you want to wrap will not suffice. ( ! )
      • In order be provided with the option to wrap an element you must first select, and then right-click on that selection, any of the contents of the element that you want to wrap.
      • You can select as little as one letter.
      • Or you can click on the tag in the tag selector and then right-click on the selection engendered.

Design View - things that cannot be done using it

  1. Use the Insert panel to add sections to a page.
    1. The Insert panel does not insert. Rather, it converts the current element into the element you select in the Insert panel!
  2. Apply multiple CSS classes to one element easily.
    • You cannot apply multiple classes to one element by right-clicking on the element in the tag selector or using the Class menu in the Properties panel.
    • There is no apparent simple way to do this in Design view.
    • You can use the little blue tab in Live view to specify more than one class which is easier to do.
    • You can also do this in
  3. See visually the effect of the use of the CSS rem unit (rem = the "root em" size - which is the "default base font-size" of the characters.